Our lab utilizes the most advanced design and milling technologies available.

At Guarino Dental we believe the highest-quality prosthetic fabrication can only be achieved when highly experienced and dedicated craftsmen are supported by state-of-the-art technology and equipment.   Our primary advantage is the people who work here; your advantage is the skills and technology they use on your behalf.

CAD/CAM technology gives our technicians the freedom to design:

  • Zirconia restorations
  • Customized implants (titanium and zirconia)
  • Sintered metal restorations
  • iTero impression scans
  • Emax restorations and much more.

CAD/CAM can never replace the need for a highly trained, skilled, and experienced technician.  A highly skilled technician is the crucial element when dealing with high-quality dental fabrication. And when you equip that highly skilled and experienced technician with the most advanced supporting technology, tools, and methods available, they become even better craftsmen.  We do not view technology as a way to replace our people, but as a way to make our people even better!