Pearl Zirconia

Pearl Zirconia all-ceramic crowns (multi-unit restorations, full-contour crowns and Maryland Bridges) eliminate the need for metal-based restorations.

Pearl Zirconia, when taking both aesthetics and strength into consideration, in our opinion is the best material available in the industry.  At 1,200 Megapascals of flexural strength, Pearl Zirconia is the strongest non-metal material available in the industry. This level of material strength allows us to fabricate multi-unit all-ceramic bridges.  Pearl also ensures your patients experience less chipping, higher shade-integrity, and no linear cracking.  The end result is the most durable and sustainable all-ceramic restoration available.  When combined with our CAD/CAM fabrication technology, Pearl Zirconia provides your practice with state-of-the-art technology and materials worked on by the most talented technicians in the industry.

When working with our lab you can be sure we are always researching the industry to identify the best and most innovative fabrication materials and technology.  We always employ the best materials available to ensure you achieve total patient satisfaction.  Pearl Zirconia ensures that you are providing your patient with the highest-quality product.