Leading technology

Guarino Dental Lab uses the latest cutting edge technology to ensure a quick turn-around time with the top-quality results we are known for.

We have the technology to accept and design from all of your iTero scanned files.

iTero Digital Impressions make putty and trays things of the past.  iTero Digital Impression System provides consistent, superior results with limited-to-no mess or patient discomfort and fewer errors.

iTero-based fabrication is the future of our industry and we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of this evolution.  iTero impressions, combined with our Dental Wings CAD/CAM Design System, provide the most efficient and effective restoration fabrication approach.

Our lab utilizes the most advanced design and milling technologies available.

At Guarino Dental we believe the highest-quality prosthetic fabrication can only be achieved when highly experienced and dedicated craftsmen are supported by state- of-the-art technology and equipment. Our primary advantage is the people who work here; your advantage is the skills and technology they use on your behalf.

CAD/CAM technology gives our technicians the freedom to design:

  • Zirconia restorations
  • Customized implants (titanium and zirconia)
  • Sintered metal restorations
  • iTero impression scans
  • Emax restorations and much more…

CAD/CAM can never replace the need for a highly trained, skilled, and experienced technician.  A highly skilled technician is the crucial element when dealing with high-quality dental fabrication.  And when you equip that highly skilled and experienced technician with the most advanced supporting technology, tools, and methods available, they become even better craftsmen.  We do not view technology as a way to replace our people, but as a way to make our people even better!

Pearl Zirconia all-ceramic crowns (multi-unit restorations, full-contour crowns and Maryland Bridges) eliminate the need for metal-based restorations.

Pearl Zirconia, when taking both aesthetics and strength into consideration, in our best opinion is the best material available in the industry.  At 1,200 Megapascals of flexural strength, Pearl Zirconia is the strongest non-metal material available in the industry.  This level of material strength allows us to fabricate multi-unit all-ceramic bridges.  Pearl also ensures your patients experience less chipping, higher shade-integrity, and no linear cracking.  The end result is the most durable and sustainable all-ceramic restoration available.  When combined with our CAD/CAM fabrication technology, Pearl Zirconia provides your practice with state-of-the-art technology and materials worked on by the most talented technicians in the industry.

When working with our Lab you can be sure we are always researching the industry to identify the best and most innovative fabrication materials and technology.  We always employ the best materials available to ensure you achieve total patient satisfaction.  Pearl Zirconia ensures that you are providing your patient with the highest-quality product.

Valplast Partials offer metal-free, thermoplastic, acrylic-free, hypoallergenic, flexible, durable, crack-resistant partials.  Valplast Partials are virtually undetectable and provide the most aesthetic removable solution in the market today.

Always being on the leading edge of any and all technology innovations in the dental industry is a point of pride for us.  That’s why we are considered by most to be the industry specialist in the field of removable prosthetic fabrication using Valplast materials.  Our removable prosthetics team, led by Richie Guarino Sr. and 23-year-Guarino-Lab-veteran Anthony Cioffi, was one of the pioneering groups in the industry to move from metal-based prosthetic design to flexible Valplast technology in the early 1980’s.  As a result of this early adoption our technicians have become masters of fabrication using this technology and material.  We have literally thousands of hours of Valplast fabrication time and case completion experience in our lab.  For you this means less chair time, enhanced practice profitability, and fewer adjustments.  For your patients this means the best fit, a healthier product, and a more comfortable prosthetic.

If the highest-quality craftsmanship coupled with the highest-quality fabrication materials is important to you and your patients, then Guarino Dental Lab is the right choice for you.